Vaccine testing is performed using the route and dosing regimen that will be used in man. ITR Laboratories Canada’s scientists are available to help you to meet your testing objectives in a timely manner. Species that are most often used for such study designs include rabbits and rats. ITR Laboratories Canada has the experience that is needed to take your product from initial safety testing right through to batch testing for potency/stability.



  • Binding and neutralizing antidrug antibody (ADA), done by ELISA or ECL and cell-based functional assays.
  • Specific antibody titration assays are done by ELISA such as T-cell dependent antibody response (TDAR), quantification of anti-KLH IgG and IgM by ELISA.


  • Detection of specific antigens expressed at the surface of immune cells to provide relative proportions and activation status (phospho flow) of various leukocyte lineages by multi-color flow cytometry.
  • Dual platform assay using ALC from automated analyzers to provide absolute quantification of various immune cell types in blood samples.


  • T-cell dependent antibody response (TDAR), quantification of anti-KLH IgG and IgM by ELISA.
  • NK cell activity assay.


  • Multiplex cytokine assays by cytometric bead arrays or Meso-Scale Discovery assay.
  • Cell-based assays for the in-vitro toxicity and safety testing.

Many vaccines are administered by the intramuscular or subcutaneous route but research has shown that the intra/transdermal route is more efficient at eliciting a protective immune response due to the antigen-presenting cells that are present in the skin. To meet these requirements ITR Laboratories Canada has been working with the conventional routes for many years and also using several new “painless” methods of intra/transdermal administration utilizing the 3M micro-needle technology™, Debiotech™ hollow micro-needles and NanoPass MicroPyramid™ system. These offer an exciting way to administer your vaccines that can also be used in the clinical setting.

The Ligand Binding Assay Lab may also validate and apply the necessary antibody titration assay.

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