Veterinary Assistant

Job Summary

    • Works in Collaboration with the veterinarian and as a part of the veterinary services group.
    • Help the veterinarian to provide service to sick or injured animals.
    • Acts under the expertise and supervision of the veterinarian to determine the
    condition of sick or injured animals.
    • Assists the veterinarian in the management of quarantine procedures and the health assessment upon receipt
    of laboratory animals.
    • Performs, under the supervision of the veterinarian, the necessary laboratory tests in order to determine
    the health status of the animals.
    • Ensures that recommended treatments performed by toxicology technicians (diet, minor application of local
    substances), are performed as indicated.
    • Other related tasks

Required Qualifications

    • College diploma in Animal Health, or Degree in Veterinary Technology, Veterinary Medicine diploma from
    outside Canada is accepted.
    • Experience in a Pre-Clinical Research Center with laboratory animals or in animal care and surgery would be
    an asset.
    • Autonomous and a good sense of organization
    • Bilingual, English and French.




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