Clinical Veterinarian

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

    – Examine and prescribe medication or any supportive care needed for sick animals;
    – Take charge of Surgical,Perioperative care monitoring(preoperative,surgical
    and postoperative procedures);
    – Perform Regular visits to the animal facilities, followed by written reports
    forwarded to the Director of vet services;
    – Assure a veterinary care coverage during working hours and as scheduled by
    the manager of veterinary services;
    – Act as a member on the animal care committee(ACC);
    – Serve as an expert advisor and animal advocate to the ACC;
    – Report any animal welfare concerns or non-compliance issues to the Director of
    Vet Services, the Compliance monitoring manager, and to the ACC;
    – Participates in the development, implementation and review of Standard
    Operating Procedures (SOPs);
    – Participates in the development, performing and refinement of any invasive
    procedures (e.g. Surgeries);
    – Participates in the development and the delivery of education and training staffs
    dealing with animal experiments as well as animal care givers;
    – Making determinations concerning animal welfare, in collaboration with the
    animal care committee, the animal care staffs and all staffs dealing with animal
    – Oversee the acclimation program to adapt animals to their new environments and
    to different procedures;
    – Reviews periodically record keeping procedures in the veterinary service group;
    – Other related tasks


    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is required along with an active license;



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